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Our aim is to reveal to you the hidden beauties of Tinos, through a number of outdoor activities.


Activity 1 - Trekking Tour

>Route: Kionia-Ktikados-Xatzirados-Kampos-Loutra-Komi

>Trekking duration: 5 hours

>Total duration: 6 hours

>Difficulty: Easy

>Minimum participants: 3

Route description: An easy trekking starting from Kionia, passing through 5 traditional villages. We make a stop at “Loutra” to visit the “Oursoulines Museum”. The tour ends at village “Komi” where we have some food and relaxation. We return to Kionia by taxi.

info:The Oursoulines Museum is a folklore museum that tells the story of the locals’ everyday life, as well as that of the renowned catholic school (1862-1993)

  • Cost: 40€/person (guide, taxi, museum ticket included)


Activity 2 - Rock Climbing

>Starting point: at the crossroad near village Tripotamos

>Route: Exomvourgo hill

>Climbing duration: 4 hours

>Total duration: 4,5 hours

>Minimum participants: 1

Description: Spend an exciting day on Exomvourgo hill, filled with adrenaline! Enjoy the feeling of freedom, live a unique experience in a picturesque landscape. You will learn the basics of climbing in a fun and safe environment. The activity requires no prior experience and is suitable for all ages.

  • Cost: 40€/person (guide, equipment included)


Activity 3 - Trekking Tour

>Route: Agapi-Volax-Falatados-Livada beach

>Trekking duration: 5 hours

>Total duration: 6 hours

>Difficulty: Easy

>Minimum participants: 3

Route description: An interesting trekking through a variety of landscapes, starting from the old traditional village “Agapi”, going through the valley of the pigeon houses and the forsaken watermills. We continue to “Volax”, a village surrounded by hundreds of bizarre spherical-shaped rocks; a globally unique spectacle! We pass through “Falatados” and then go downhill to the Livada beach, walking alongside the river.

We enjoy swimming in a breathtaking beach with crystal-clear waters, for about an hour. We return to “Agapi” by taxi.

  • Cost: 40€/person (guide, taxi included)


Activity 4 - Trekking Tour

>Route: Krokos-Skalados-Koumaros-Exomvourgo-Kampos-Loutra-Krokos

>Trekking duration: 3 hours

>Total duration: 4 hours

>Difficulty: Easy

>Minimum participants: 2

Route description: A roundtrip route discovering the most beautiful villages of Tinos hinterland. Starting from the small village Krokos with an ascent to the summit (640m) of the Exomvourgo hill, through “Skalados” and “Koumaros”, offering magnificent panoramic views. We walk downhill till “Krokos” again where we can have food and relaxation.

info: The granite “Exomvourgo” hill is an impressive steep rock where we find the ruins of the venetian castle of St. Helena.

  • Cost: 30€/person (guide included)


Activity 5 - Trekking Tour

>Route: Triantaros-Mperdemiaros-Arnados-Moni Kehrovouniou-Tzados-Karia-Steni-Dio Horia-Triantaros

>Trekking duration: 4 hours

>Total duration: 5 hours

>Difficulty: Easy

>Minimum participants: 2

Route description: A round trip route where we have the opportunity to visit 7 villages, each one with its own cycladic beauty. Most of them offer great views over Aegean sea and the nearby islands.

  • Cost: 35€/person (guide included)


Other Activities

  • Book a 2 hours trekking for only 15€/person
  • An impressive 2 hour hiking, under the moonlight, all the way to the top of Exomvourgo hill.
  • Deep water solo at Prasonisia islands. A beautiful but extreme and attractive way to climb above sea, with no ropes. After 15 minutes hiking we arrive at deep water solo location. Following short instructions, we begin climbing. You can climb as many times as you like, rest and swim at your own pace and mood.
  • Bouldering at Volax. Another fun way to climb small rocks using no ropes. Volax is known for its climbing sector as it is the most extensive bouldering area in Greece with excellent granite rocks.
  • We also offer the opportunity for kids to have a fun time, trying indoor climbing wall or slackline, at our premises. Adults can practice and master their rapel techniques.

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