Chalepas’ Museum
In the entrance of Pyrgos, Yannoulis Chalepas' (1851-1938) family house has been converted into a museum. At the rooms of the very well preserved Tinian residence, the visitor can admire the personal belongings and artworks of the top contemporary Greek sculptor.

Museum of Marble Crafts
In this island, which fairly enough is called «an outdoor museum of marble sculpture», and especially in this village, where the art of marble is still alive, the Cultural Foundation of the Piraeus Company, has founded the sixth in line thematic technological museum of its network, inaugurated in 2008.


Around Panormos, there is a range of exquisite beaches, like the protected from the northern wind Aghia Thalassa beach, Rochari beach with the shady tamarisks and Kavaroulko for swimming with Planitis islet in the background.

  • Aghia Thalassa
    The beach is located West in the natural bay of Panormos. The road to Panormos Beach is dirt and can be accessed on foot or by car type jeep. Beach with sand and lots of trees for shade.
  • Kavalourko
    The beach is located West in the natural bay of Panormos right after Aghia Thalassa.
  • Rochari
    The beach is located East of Panormos in a distance of 1km. It is a large bay with a wide sandy beach and a few pebbles. The trees along the beach offer shade to visitors. On the beach there is a canteen , umbrellas , deck chairs and net for beach volley…