The alternative version of Tinos! Get to know the island through a series of organized activities which promise to bring you closer to the Tinian nature and its beauties!



In the “house” of the god Aeolus, winds don’ t stop to blow. Their presence is so intense and the waves they create are so big, that automatically make Tinos the ideal destination for windsurfing. The first surfers made their appearance in the northern beach of Kolympithra around 1999, at a time when the windsurfing was not the most famous sport in Greece. However, the development of the sport was favored due to the strong winds on the coast. The number of surfers gradually started to rise each summer so that ten years later the first surf school was created not only in the island, but in the entire Cyclades.



In 2007 there was formed a large climbing area at the steep slope of Exombourgo hill, with 9 sections and almost 90 routes where you have the ability to reach safely the top and admire the unimpeded, panoramic view. If not a lifetime experience, climbing on the granite boulder of special quality which supervises the lower parts of Tinos, is incredible!
Also on the island, there is the second largest bouldering area in Europe, where you can ascend in a huge valley with low rocks without ropes or any special equipment, but only with proper technique-movement of your body and having got the necessary training.


Scuba diving

The magic of the seabed and the certain special moments that a place can create, form the absolute combination. This is something that Tinos is able to provide you. It is an island of immense natural beauty, with unique spots in every corner, an island where scuba diving constitutes the missing link between the mountain and the sea. For the last five years, scuba diving can be practiced in an organized center of Tinos where whoever is interested in the sport can begin experiencing the specific activity. Also, at several beaches (Kalivia, Vathi) you will find bases related to the specific activity.



24 mapped routes give the opportunity to people of all ages to travel into the exquisite beauties of the inland of Tinos. Paths that enchant and overwhelm you, passing from rivers, planes and small waterfalls. The routes include passing through the half-ruined dovecotes, watermills and cells which wait for you to tell their story. Trekking is ideal for the spring and autumn months when the island is blossomed and temperature permits to wander in the province. So, find a guide, take your sneakers, a rod for walking stick, a hat and plenty of good mood and have a perfect walk in Tinos, the island of tradition and culture!