Sun, sand, pebbles, rocks and moonlight settings… summer and sea, words by theTinian beach glossary.

Βeaches - Exo Meria

Near the Villas...

  • Aghia Thalassa
    Follow the dirt road that begins from Panormos and you will end up to one of the most idyllic, coastal locations in Exo Meria. Sandy, leeward, isolated, calm.. ideal for dips just a breath away from Panormos.
  • Kavalourko
    Lunar landscape with bizarre rocks, a narrow swath of sand and tamarisks, perfect for swimming just a breath away from Planitis islet. How are you going to get there? By following the path that passes from the chapel of Aghios Nikolaos.
  • Rochari
    With amenities, a cosmopolitan beach near Panormos at the small port of the settlement Platia. Sparse tamarisks in the sands and view towards the Northern Aegean Sea.
  • Malli
    Isolated inlet at Exo Meri, that is to say at the NW part of Tinos (25km away from Chora). After the quarries in Marlas, the dirt road leads to the tiny Malli with the green, marble sea and Andros right across in the horizon.

By Car

  • Kalyvia
    The cherished seaport of Kardiani (13km from Chora), next to Agios Petros beach. Exotic moments with crystal, shallow waters, shady tamarisks all along, relaxation in chaise lounges under the rattan umbrellas and cocktails or raki from the Kardiani Kalyvia beach bar; always in speed and at your disposal, the beach bar supplies you with snacks, juices, coffees, cocktails and raki directly at your chaise lounge..
  • Ysternia Bay
    The small fishing port in Ysternia, 17km NW of Chora, consists of clear waters, shingles and taverns to get some food while it “looks” towards Syros. 17km from Chora.

  • Yannaki Bay
    Right under Kardiani village, the quiet little port of Exo Meria with the deep blue embrace of the Aegean Sea as well as the pebbles, gathers mostly families. On the advantages of the beach, you may include the taverns where you can have a meal or dinner of maritime influences. 7km from Chora.

  • Aghios Petros
    A romantic picture of two sugary sands... And a rock in the middle which has the homonymous chapel on the top, seems like the natural boundary of the two quiet coves. Its highlight the shipwreck, draw for the divers as well as the view to Syros. It does not have any amenities which means that you should be supplied with water and all essentials.